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Lubricants and Fluids
Automotive Parts and Filters
Coolants and Refrigerants
Chemicals, Solvents, and Additives
Car Wash and Detailing Supplies
Janitorial and Shop Supplies
Lubrication Equipment and Tools
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Golden West Antifreeze/Coolants
Global Antifreeze and Summer Coolant
Global Antifreeze and Summer Coolant 50/50 Blend
Antifreeze and Summer Coolant
Antifreeze and Summer Coolant 50/50 Blend

Automatic Transmission Fluid
Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid
DIII/M Automatic Transmission Fluid
Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid / Application Guide
Synthetic Trans-Fluid 50
Type “F” Automatic Transmission Fluid
Type “A” Automatic Transmission Fluid

Engine Oils
Tech/SYN Full Synthetic Motor Oil
10W30 High Mileage GF-5
5W30 High Mileage GF-5
Semi-Synthetic GF-5 Motor Oils
0w20 Tech/SYN Full Synthetic GF-5
10w30 Tech/SYN Full Synthetic GF-5
5w20 and 5w30 Tech/Syn Full Synthetic GF-5
DEXOS 1 5w30 Full Synthetic GF-5
Planet Friendly Semi-Synthetic GF-5 Motor Oils
10W40 Motor Oil
15W40 Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil - CJ-4
15W40 Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil - CJ-4 PFO
High Mileage Premium 10W30 Motor Oils GF-4
Series 3 and Heavy Duty Motor Oils
Non-Detergent Motor Oil SAE 30W & SAE 40W

Gear Oils
Full Synthetic Gear Oils
Gear Oil 80W 90LS
EP Gear Oil 90W & 140W
Gear Oil 90 & 140
Gear Oil 85W 140
Fleet Gear Oil 90W

Hi-Temp Red Grease
Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease #2

Hydraulic Oils
Premium Universal Tractor Fluid
DynaTrac 303
Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluid
Hydraulic AW 10WT
R&O Hydraulic Oil 32, 46, 100 & 150
Hydraulic Oil PMO
Fleet Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
Fleet Hydraulic Oil with R&O

Power Steering/Brake Fluids
Heavy Duty DOT3 Brake Fluid
Power Steering Fluid

Safety Solvent

Specialty Oils
Rock Drill Oil 150, 100 & 46
C2/C3 Torque Fluid
Chain Oil
Cotton Spray Oil
Premium Drip Oil
Regular Non-Detergent Oil
Turbine Oil
Twin Disc Fluid

Brake Parts Cleaner — Non-Chlorinated
Brake Parts Cleaner — Chlorinated
Throttle Body / Choke & Carburetor Cleaner
Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner
Windshield Washer Fluid
Bar & Chain Oil